Peace Meditations

meditation_image_550_wDid you know there is more scientific evidence that Group meditation lessens violent crime, war and terrorism than there is that aspirin lessens headache pain?

Research scientists are studying the effects Group Meditation on the whole of society and they are finding a rising peace and coherence in the collective consciousness.  They are establishing the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness.  The increase in brain wave coherence in the individual is reflected by increased coherence in social behavior—as measured by reduced crime, terrorism and war.  Modern science is coming full circle with what all our major spiritual traditions have always known – we are all connected, we are all One.


2nd Sunblooming-human42day of the month ~ 4:00pm

In front of the Lightner Museum in historic downtown St. Augustine:

Unity & Peace comes together once a month for a Group focused Meditation and Prayer for Peace!   We will magnify the Feeling of Peace inside of ourselves and then radiate and broadcast that feeling of Peace to our friends, family, city officials, world leaders and regular strangers around the world for a positive impact for our community and thus the entire planet.  There will be time for sharing and connecting afterwards.  It is a wonderful service to embrace all the noises and life of our vibrant downtown and anchor peace in our ancient city.

Please join us!  Our 2015 dates are May 10th, June 14th, July 12th, August 9th etc.


Coming Soon!    Beach peace

St Augustine Beach ~ At the end of A Street

Peace Meditation with the Ocean followed by sharing, then optional Floating Meditation IN the Ocean (water temperature permitting).  Bring a towel or chair to sit on and for those who want to float, bring your suits and a towel.

We will start with a 45 minute guided meditation focusing on Anchoring Peace for ourselves, for St. Augustine and for the Planet.  After our meditation we will have some time for sharing and then for those who would like to get in the water we can do a Floating Meditation in the shallow water of the tidal pools.  Low tide is 4:30 so it will be the perfect time for floating and expanding the Peace all the way up to the sky!


More on the Science of Global Peace Meditation                        from Om Shanti Blog



Global Meditation & Prayer for Peace

Unify global meditation mapUnity & Peace St. Augustine partners with Unify, Be the Peace and many other organizations for Globally Synchronized Moments of World Peace. Groups and individuals join in from every time zone.  Please stay tuned for the next Global Peace Event!  Sign up for our Peace Quotes and News to be updated. 

We invite people from every culture, every spiritual tradition, and every political perspective to Join Together for Peace.  Together, we are creating a world where inner & outer peace is the normal way of life. Join us in St. Augustine!  Or to join from anywhere in the world – go to to sign up!

Some of the Participating Groups:

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